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Eating Organic Foods: Will It Help Reduce Cancer Risks?

Eating Organic FoodsFor an over-all duration of nine (9) years study period, 600,000 middle-aged women from Atlanta, Georgia aging from 50 years and above were monitored and observed by professional researchers on the health industry to limit themselves in ingesting only organic foods that are generally free from any type of pesticides. After these long years of studying, they found out that eating organic foods will not help or even contribute in the reduction of having a cancer.

Based on the result of this large research study, 50,000 of these women actually developed cancer within the entire study period. According to Professor Tim Key of Oxford University who is also a Cancer Research Scientist funded by UK, they were not able to prove, as there was no single evidence noted during the entire research, that eating organic foods will decrease cancer risks.

On the other hand, the research professionals discovered only a slight proliferation Eating Organic Foods1on the risk of having a breast cancer to these organic food eater middle-aged women. Nonetheless, the research team also considered some contributing factors associated on this proliferation that is not food-related. Professor Key also stated that additional study is required in order to further support the result of this study that they conducted.

In line with this concern, Dr. Claire Knight, the charity’s Health Information Manager, made mentioned that this research study crafted the perceptions of those people eating organic foods regarding the importance of this in the reduction of the risk of having cancer. As an estimate, nine percent (9%) of the recorded cancer circumstances in the United Kingdom are all centered and based on dietary influences to which 5% of them do not include fruits and vegetables in their diet. Dr. Knight also alleged that in order to reduce cancer risk, it is always a good option to ingest a well-balanced meal which are either grown purely organic or even not.